Monday, September 14, 2015

Ode To Humanity

Political Correctness parading as Humanity is one of the major faux pas of our time. We have reached a point where we care more about someone's feelings than we do about doing the correct thing.

In reality no matter what we say or do someone may be upset. These days living our lives is a crap shoot of walking on the egg shells of Political Correctness. Things that seem right have suddenly been turned upside down and called wrong or hurtful to others.

I guess I should not say 'suddenly' as this process has been building for decades. Starting in the 60's, of our last century, we seem to have lost a sense of good and evil, of funny and hurtful.

We do not allow God in schools because it may upset some atheists but care little about upsetting the religious community. We can not call the terrorists,  that live their lives to kill us, Islamic terrorists because it might make them angry at us. GUESS WHAT? They already are and no amount of Political Correctness will change that fact.

We no longer can say Merry Christmas and have to substitute Happy Holiday in its place. That even pisses me off and I am not a Christian. I believe that, given enough time and idiocy, December 25th will become a day of families eating together while on Skype so they can see each other from their receptive homes. God forbid we actually interact with each other in an in person manner.

Sorry; that should have been 'Some Higher Power Who Is Not God. Maybe Just A Super Hero Like Superman' Forbid. WHEW!! That will get the Political Correctness Police off my back, lol.

We judge people and things, from centuries past, on the basis of how our society thinks today. Columbus was evil because he acted like a man living in his time. The Confederate flag is evil because once it represented the south in the Civil War. Some people are expunging ancestors from their family histories because they did things that were normal in their lifetimes but Politically Incorrect now.

What is lost here is the 'Rule Of Common Sense'. I see comedians do foul mouthed shows where if they were deprived of the use of the work 'FUCK' they could not do there act. And yet this seems to be Politically Correct. But let a white comedian use the word 'Nigger' and the Political Correctness Police are crucifying them with the handle 'Racist'.

We need to think about what being Political Correct has done to our society. Political Correctness is a far worse export, from our shores, than tobacco and fast food. Political Correctness can be a cancer within itself eating away at the fabric of our society, until we lose our individuality and we all start dressing in matching gray outfits and walking arm and arm to the tunes of Political Correct Solidarity.

I crave the days when I could tell a joke about 'The Taint, The Grundle, The Fleshy Fun Bridge' and not have a million emails telling me that in one joke I have insulted women, men, gays, laws against sodomy, the Christian right, the liberal left and The Holy Bible Itself.


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