Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Shopping For Great Electronics During A Riot

As the saying goes, "Never let a good riot opportunity go to waste". That seems to be the mantra of many of the people who have participated in riots throughout the past year. I understand the frustration of people in places like Ferguson, Missouri,  Baltimore, Maryland and many other places that have seen injustice year after year.

Inequality, whether racial, financial or any other reason, is unacceptable. Civil disobedience is the result of such injustice. Many people who participated in the riots were not there to protest injustice but rather to take advantage of a terrible situation for their gain.

I totally support anyone's right to protest in a peaceable manner. I understand that tempers fly and discussions get heated but at no time is it alright to break into anyone's business and steal from it. at no time is is alright to burn a business, house or any other property because you are upset. Especially in your own neighborhood. Tearing down the place you live, no matter what the conditions, is just plain stupid.

I never get upset if people protest. In fact I encourage it when injustice is uncovered. Remember, this country was founded on civil disobedience against an unjust government. Standing up to injustice is in our blood, our psyche.

Please shine a bright light on any injustice. Push that injustice into the light of day for all to see. But please do not let that light emanate from a stolen television or a fire at the local drug store.


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