Friday, May 29, 2015

Saving The World With Healthy Daily Pooping

Any discussion of poop raises the lid on a plethora of jokes and innuendos.  But lets look at the benefits of 'healthy daily bowel movements' beyond those achieved by the individual sitting upon his or her porcelain thrown.

Have you ever looked at an individual whose outlook on life would benefit from a good healthy poop?  I believe that Vladimir Putin is one such individual. Come to think of it, most politicians seem to be suffering from impacted bowels.

There have been people who have tried to deal with human poop in a practical manner. Pierre Leroux, an 18th century economist, believed that disposing of human feces was a waste of a 'natural resource'. He developed the Circulus Theory which may be the source of the old saying, "What goes around~comes around".  His saw that animal feces could be used as a fertilizer so it stood reason that human feces could be used as a fertilizer. This, according to Leroux, would double the food production, save and use a natural resource and end hunger.

Victor Hugo supported this theory, in Les Miserables, when he pointed out the sewer as "gold flowing from full hands" and makes a defense of Circulus Theory.

To say the least; most people found Leroux's plan unpalatable.

The first question that should be asked, of any presidential candidate, is whether they had pooped that day. That information would go a long way to explaining their stand on some of the issues.

Those conducting war should not be allowed to make decisions that put our military in harms way if the are constipated. Believe me, when I say that war is a shitty situation anyway and that a good healthy bowel movement, from the commanding general, will keep out troops out of the deep shit that a clouded mind and full bowel afford.

Every person, who holds a position of power, should wear a pin with the following on it.

Then we would know for sure if they are in a position to make clear decisions.

Remember that nothing makes life more livable than a good meal, a good nights sleep and a morning bowel movement that puts life in prospective.


P.S. ~Part of this blog was taken from a story written by Esther Inglis-Arkell, tittled 'How One Man Wanted To Save The World By Taxing Poop".

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