Friday, May 22, 2015

Biblical Proportions?

The Urban Dictionary defines Biblical Proportions as, 'referring to something which happens on the grandest scale possible on earth. This includes apocalypse and major war. I have seen headlines describing snow storms, tornadoes and heavy rain as 'Biblical in Proportion'. Basically no where on earth has experienced weather that should be described this way.

Snow storms are now getting names like hurricanes. The word vortex is being bandied about like M & M's being handed out a children's parties. 

I see three forces at work here. First; the tag 'biblical' is being used to sensationalize the weather for the purpose of increasing weather and news report viewership. Basically a sales technique to get us to notice the weather people jumping up and down yelling 'Look At Me! Look At Me!'.  

Secondly I see, especially in the naming of snow storms, an attempt to make climate change more personable. In effect, another sales pitch. Whether you are a believer in climate change or believe that the weather is just cyclical; these attempts to sell climate change make me suspicious of the sellers motives.

Finally; I find the convenient use of religious terms, specifically the word biblical, as an interesting aspect of the 'war on religion'. It seems that it is perceived good policy, by those in the entertainment and information industry to use religion when it suits their purposes but then criticize it when believers espouse their views. 

Those of you who read this blog know that I am not an organized religion advocate but I am spiritual. My point here is simply to point out possible hypocrisy.

A storm is a storm, heavy rain is just that(heavy rain), tornadoes are tornadoes and climate change is what believers and non believers perceive it to be. No religious factors come into play. 

Unless God tells us differently. Then we can talk 'Biblical Proportions'.


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