Thursday, May 21, 2015

I'm Back~~Be Scared~~Be Very Scared!!!

Life has been busy for me the past couple of months. First off; I will be blogging every day again as things have settled down.

Let me recount what I have been up to so you do not think that I have been laying around eating bon bons and wasting time.

I moved from North Carolina to Maryland and am now living with my Second Life partner, CeeCee Caledonia.  It is quite a change from my single existence in a small town to urban living with someone around. I like it and am very comfortable here. Sock has adjusted well and spends his days eating, sleeping and tormenting Cee's cats. He is a happy little monkey even though he had to leave his girl friend, Babbette, back in North Carolina.

This move gives my life some purpose and I enjoy having someone to share my days. It is nice to feel useful again.

This past weekend Cee and I attended The Mid Atlantic Jam. We met Professor Showbiz, Snow Ogre, Andy Ziefer and many other Second Life people. It was a fun time and friendships were solidified.

My health, over all has been quite good with on little hiccup. In 1987 I had an artificial lens implanted in my left eye to repair the damage done by a traumatic cataract. The implant has slipped down, after all these years, and needs to be either repaired or replaced. That happens on June 3rd.

I have the doctors, from Johns Hopkins,  that invented the repair procedure working on me so I am hopeful that I will come out seeing normal out of that eye. There is some risk to my sight, but on the upside, if the surgery fails I will get that 'blind' tax deduction very few of us are ever eligible to use.

Starting tomorrow, June 22nd, I will endeavor to blog everyday. I have a lot of ideas and keep getting new ones from my readers. I will be a little political, a little off color, fictional and factual but I will always be less than politically correct.

Love ya,

What I Am Reading:

Ancient Echoes by Joanne Pence
The Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper
Pirate Latitudes by Michael Crichton

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