Saturday, February 14, 2015

Remember When Someone Saying "I'm Telling" Was Our Worse Fear

The world has become a scary place. We use to live in a 'leave the car and front door unlocked' world to a 'lock everything up and hide after dark' world. Saying that I miss the old days is a gross understatement.

There seems to be nowhere safe in the world. Terrorism stalks the earth. Criminals have made, what once was a comfortable safe life, a crap shoot existence here at home.

Drug cartels make our streets a battleground. Islamic terrorists, Christian terrorists, religious zealots  of all sorts and criminals have made us afraid to allow our children play in our own yards without us standing guard over them.

There is not a night that I go to bed that I do not pray for the safety of my children, They are not off fighting a war; they are just out living ordinary lives in our society.

I drive by an elementary school everyday and see long lines of parents waiting to pick up their kids. Some of them live within 2 or 3 blocks of the school. When I lived in Brooklyn, in the 50's, from first grade on, I walked the 10 or so blocks to school with all the other kids. No parents were with us. Now days that would be tantamount to child abuse.

Fear has driven us into our homes. It is so sad to see the state to which we have fallen. In a few years my generation will be gone and no one will remember what the 'Good Old Days' were like.

I miss then dearly.


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