Monday, March 9, 2015

Cocktails~Scratches Head!!

COCKTAIL!! What a confusing word. A 'cock' has no tail unless you are talking about a University Of South Carolina Gamecocks which has a tail but is no drinkable.

The term 'cocktail ' has been use for over 200 years as referring to a mixed alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink. Actually the word itself predates its use as describing a mixed drink. At one time it was used to describe a horse and I can guarantee there was no doubt as to what it was describing.

Back to my original point. Who makes up these words? I have looked at many pictures of mixed drink cocktails and have found just one with a garnish that looks like a tail, A Horses Neck Cocktail.

Notice the tail like garnish but again no cock.

Which brings me to the case of that strange light hors-d'oeuvre 'The Cocktail Weenie'.

Now we are getting somewhere!! A food that is generally served with cocktails that actually has a phallic toothpick strategically placed to resemble a cock. Finally this is all making sense, lol.

So to recap; cocktails generally do not have cocks nor tails but cocktail weenies have cocks but no tail.  

WOW!! I just found a recipe for 'cocktail meatballs'. Now I am really confused!!!!


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