Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I Want A Gate Scandal Of My Own~~Damn It!!

Laying naked together, hands and mouths exploring, testing and seeking that one thing that brings her to happiness. She lets out a low moan that explodes into a scream. She smiles at you, still panting, offering you kisses and hugs for your effort. YOUR EFFORT? Was this real or is it a case of ORGASMGATE?

These days everyone seems to have a 'gate scandal' on their resume. The New England Patriots have 'Deflategate' (which could also be the basis for a Viagra commercial). The Atlanta Falcons have 'FakeCrowdNoiseGate'. Second Life has 'GenderSwappingGate'.

As Roseanne Roseannadanna always says, "It's Always Something".

I do not need a fancy metal gate. Or an ornamental gate. All I want is a simple garden variety gate that allows me enter a place where I can enjoy my fifteen minutes of fame playing among the the flowers and creatures of my pasture.

My life is so boring now that any kind of 'gate scandal' will do. I have even explored possible gate scandals.

What's In A McDonald's McRib Gate
Are All Those Second Life Performers Holding Guitars Actually Playing Them Gate
Will Making Love To A Furry Give You Dandruff Gate
Is A Pretzel Pizza Crust Even Legal Gate
Are The 500 Sexual Positions In My Second Life Bed Possible To Do In One Night Gate
Is Kim K's Ass Natural Or Chemically Induced Gate

So much to think about.

The only thing that I dislike President Nixon for is that his actions made the use of adding 'GATE' to the end of all scandals possible, lol.

Wait for it!! The next Gate Scandal is right around the corner.


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