Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Reading~~Travels For The Mind

I have always been an avid reader. In good times and bad reading lifted my soul to an incredible height fueling an already active imagination.

In an evening of reading you can be transported across the globe or to new universe. I have used reading to heal me and to let my mind get away from adverse situations. In the army reading transported me from the battlefield to warm summer days on a mid west farm and to the old west where I roamed with cowboys and looked at untouched countryside.

When I was in prison reading made the wall disappear and gave me a sense of a normal life that got me through it. It saved my sanity.

Yet there are homes with no books in them. Parents do not read to their children. Television and video games do the parenting. Very Sad!!!

When my children were growing up we had over 1000 books in the house. Even today my Kindle has some 300 books in it waiting to be read. Most I obtained free.

There is no excuse not to read. NONE!!

There is no excuse not to give your children the opportunity to read. Yes books can be expensive but a weekly trip to the library will open up a new world for your children. Anyone can use the library free.

A child who reads will do well in school. They will be more well rounded and prepared to compete for success.

An adult who reads can escape the hard times, by stimulating your mind, and enhance the good times with useful information or entertainment.

So kiddies grab a book and read to a child or to yourself. It's cheaper than a movie, video game or cable television.

Reading will bring you closer to your children. That's what parenting is all about.


What I am reading now:

Inferno by Dan Brown
Safe At Home by Richard Doster
Saint Padre Pio by Michael J Ruszala

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