Friday, May 9, 2014

<º))))><.•´¯`•. FLASH DANCERS .•´¯`•.><((((º>

Flash dancing was a form of tap dance evolved in 1920s-1930s which combined dance with acrobatics. Flash Dancers of Second Life are much more than a group that gets together and dances. They are a re-occurring phenomenon of friendship, support and fun that can be seen all over the Second Life grid.

I am coming up on my first year anniversary as a member of this group. Honestly, after my illness last year Second Life had lost most of its fun for me but last June the Flash Dance group started to put the fun back into my Second Life experience.

I love Second Life music. There are some wonderful performers available every night all over the grid. But standing at a show listening to music, no matter how good it may be, gets boring when you are doing it alone. Flash Dance gives people the opportunity to enjoy the music with people that quickly become friends. The banter in group chat is fun and adds to the experience.

But Flash Dance is much more than a group of friends dancing, listening to music and chatting. They offer support to music venues by bringing large numbers of dancers into the venue. They offer support, and this is one of my favorite things, to performers that do not necessarily draw large crowds to their shows. They consciously look for new performers and support them through show patronage.

This is one group you should join. I guarantee that you will enjoy Second Life more when in the company of the Flash Dance Group. Ask any group member about the group. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much fun they will bring into your day.

If you like music. If you like to dance. Then this is the group for you. 1150 Second Lifers can not be wrong.

Randy(Zoilo Brando)

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