Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Sock Monkey Monologues~~Reefer Madness

I caught Felix, my naughty sock monkey, smoking pot with Babbette last night. I found them in a smoke filled daze with Twinkie wrappers and potato chip bags all around them.

I have noticed a change in how Felix has been dressing. I believe he is having an identity crisis. First I noticed him and Babbette listening to reggae and then I saw him head out of the house looking like this;

Oh where has my little monkey gone?
It seems like it was only yesterday that he was a young carefree monkey happy to hang around the house and pal around with me.
I blame myself. I believe that while I thought he was sleeping he was actually awake and looking over my shoulder watching Dexter and Breaking Bad.  It's no wonder that when I asked where he wanted to go  on vacation this summer he enthusiastically said "Colorado".
Babbette is starting to look a little rough too.
Babbette after a night of partying.

This is a serious situation. I have started looking for a Sock Monkey Rehab.

I wonder which rehab Rob Ford, the Toronto mayor, is residing. I want to avoid that one. That guy is NUTS.


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