Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Art Of Being Offbeat

OFFBEAT~ being different from the ordinary, usual, or expected. Goldie Hawn's laugh, snorting when you laugh, Tiny Tim's voice, Larry The Cable Guy, a straight forward politician, a girl with two different sized boobs and tampons used to stop nose bleeds; all offbeat things or people.

The Art of Being Offbeat, and it is an art form, is what puts the 'Interesting' into our lives. If we were all the same or we all conformed to what ever is considered 'normal behavior' life would be boring indeed.

In Second Life we can carry the offbeat to the extreme while maintaining a rather boring real life persona. A real life nurse can live as a vampire, saloon girl or exotic dancer in Second Life. A male real life accountant can be a clown, cowboy or knight.

We can craft our bodies into any form we choose, both human and animal. Those who never played a sport can skate Roller Derby, play football or become a boxer. We have no limitations as to what persona we choose to create.

The fun is in being something different than what we are in real life. Personally I like to pick out those that are offbeat in their real lives as well as in Second Life. Some people truly love to push the limit of persona in what ever they do. I like to friend these kinds of people.

Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: "Would you mind telling me, whose brain I did put in?"

Igor:" And you won't be angry?"

Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: "I will not be angry."

Igor: "Abby someone."

Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: "Abby who?"

Igor: "Abby Normal."

Young Frankenstein (1974)
Now that says it all.

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