Monday, March 31, 2014

I Have Found A New House~~Yay Me!!

My search for a new place to live has come to an end. I have found a small three room house which has all the room I need.

It sort of looks like a little hobbit house, lol.

This is just a representation of my new place, sans landscaping, but it's about the same size.
I am a pretty simple man when it comes to my everyday needs. A bathroom, a kitchen and a room for a small bed, my recliner, a television and my computer and I am a happy man, lol. Life is good.

I have given much thought to my moves over the past few years, four times in seven years, and have come to the conclusion that I live in apartments or houses but it has been a long time since I have lived in a place I could call 'Home'. I left my family home at age 16 to start college and never returned except for holidays. College, the army, more college and then a home with my children until they grew up. Now where I live is less important as how I live. At the end of each day if I can say I did something worth while or I learned something new my day was a success.

If I can say I was a good God loving man on an given day then it was a good day. Life does not have to be full of human contact every minute of every day to be a good life. A few good people that care about you is all you need. Someone that makes you smile everyday(thank you Cee) makes living an easy thing to do.

Ways to entertain yourself, music, books, writing, movies, television and nature for me, are essential to our well being.

By weeks end my blog will be coming from my little 'hobbit house' and I will be my good old cheerful self; being irreverent, silly and even serious at times.

Life is good kiddies.


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  1. Sounds like a perfect place to live :)