Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Apartment Search Day 5~Frustration, A Little Depression And An Angel At My Side

I have not had a place I could call my own in a very long time. My places of residence have been a long line of temporary apartments and houses that ranged from OK to disgusting. Each ending in me being asked to move on so someone willing and able to pay more rent could take my place. I have always accepted that as being part of my financial situation. Living hand to mouth the past few years has been hard but I have learned a lot about myself and what I am able to tolerate.

I hate this sign!!

I remember a simpler time when you rented an apartment on a hand shake and a readable lease. Now days there are credit checks, background checks and a myriad of other hoops to jump through. I understand why things are this way; I just wish things were a bit easier for a change.

I just finished an Income/Expense sheet to see what I can afford. If I only eat twice a week, do laundry every 2 weeks, shower every other day and never drive my car I can afford a decent apartment. Of course I can not afford to furnish it or do anything more than stare at the walls but I will be sheltered and out of the elements, lol.

Through all of this apartment hunt depression my Second Life partner and Real Life best friend, CeeCee, has stood by me. She has been encouraging and stronger than I. She works hard to keep me from becoming to down and pushes a smile onto my face every chance she gets. I am sure I would have given up had it not been for CeeCee.

I have 32 days to find a decent place to live before I take up residence in my car. It's a nice car and quite comfortable. And it's all mine. As long as I keep the payments up to date, lol.

Hugs you all and goes back to filling out apartment applications.  


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