Thursday, March 13, 2014

This Is Your Brain On Crack

There is an epidemic being exposed through out the United States that has nothing to do with drugs or disease and all to do with a lack of courtesy in pulling down your shirt or pulling up your pants.

Be it called 'Plumbers Syndrome' or 'Crackitis' this sight is being played out over and over again all across the fruited plains. It's a cringe worthy site that turns stomachs and ruins fast food lunches every where.

This is a phenomenon that effects both skinny and over weight people, the young and old, men and women, dogs and cats, horses and cows. The list of the afflicted goes on and on.

It starts at a very young age. Children are exposed to this by unsuspecting parents that have been lulled into a false sense of safety by a lack of quality information.

To that end I am establishing 'The Foundation For The Prevention And Elimination Of Crackitis'. For now the foundation will be headquartered in my house. All donations can be sent to me via this blog.

The plan is to hold seminars for parents of young children and prospective parents to educate them on the early signs of this syndrome.

Early signs include crackitis caused by ill fitting diapers, a desire for children to want to play plumber in ill fitting blue jeans and a desire to wear thong panties(especially for girls but not exclusive to them) with low cut jeans.

I suggest that parents keep their children away from groups that perpetuate this behavior. Such as 'plumbers and electricians unions'.

Remember; a butt crack covered in infancy prevents a lifetime of suffering from crackitis.

UMMM!! No It's Not!!
God gave us a butt crack to use as a 'poop aiming device' not as something to be displayed like a fine work of art.
Believe me my ass is no work of art, lol.

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