Monday, February 10, 2014

My Weather~~100% Smarmy~~A Word Not Just For Lounge Lizards Anymore

Smarmy~obsequiously flattering or unpleasantly suave. A word that was the exclusive domain of 'lounge lizard' now describes my weather to a tee. One day the weather soothes me with 60+ degrees of warmth and the next day we are discussing freezing rain and maybe snow.

One would think, with all our technology, we could keep anything that displays swarminess out of the United States. Canadian entertainers come to mind here, lol.

Machines that control the weather are well within our realm of achievement, but because some people could not control themselves as to weaponizing them, the United nations has banned them. So now we are forced to suffer at the feet of a smarmy mother nature.

I say screw the United Nations and lets put this cold weather back in Canada where it belongs. Give the south back that beautiful weather that allows us to play golf in shorts on Christmas Eve. The weather that allows us to walk comfortably on the beach in January without icicles hanging from every appendage.

I also declare open season on this guy. If a Second Life avatar could emote smarmy this guy would be the poster boy for avatar smarmy.


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