Friday, February 7, 2014

Cuddle Interuptus~~The Snow Storm Of 2014

Cuddle time is a precious commodity that should not to be missed. But that is what happened a few weeks ago when CeeCee was visiting my home. The threat of snow sent her scurrying back north cutting short what was a wonderful visit that we were both enjoying.

This episode reminded me of those now famous words uttered by Sir William Wallace at the Battle of Sterling Bridge in 1297.

"When lying alone in your bed with your withered stick in your hand, so many years from now, you will look back on your missed cuddling opportunities and wish the snow had been Viagra and your opportunity was not missed", Sir William Wallace.

Yes I took some liberties there, lol.

Cuddling is more intimate than sex. When you cuddle, and many men do not like cuddling, a sense of intimacy, commitment and trust passes between you and is consumed by your heart. I believe that anyone can have sex as it is a physical act with an obvious conclusion. Cuddling is a process that works on the cerebral level. It shows caring through intimate little touches and small kisses.

Cuddling is the difference between a neanderthals approach to love and a modern humans approach. It shows our gentleness toward our partners and our willingness to open ourselves up exposing our softer sides. Yeppers kiddies men have softer sides, lol.

So the snow of 2014 stole my cuddle time. Damn climate change.

“I had a dream about you. You were a pack of kittens, and I was what the villagers referred to as the “Cuddle Monster.” You ran and ran and ran, and when you got tired, I took all of you off the treadmill and snuggled you like you were a pack of furry sunrises
”, Jarod Kintz.


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