Friday, February 21, 2014

I Am In Shape~Round Is A Shape~Damned Pasta

"A round man cannot be expected to fit in a square hole right away. He must have time to modify his shape", Mark Twain

That is my new 'lifestyle change' motto. I am the 'House That Pasta Built' and there is no denying it, lol. I love pasta. It is more than a food; it's a religion and I enjoy it in every form. I have even learned to make it from scratch so I always have a way to feed my addiction.

So I have aged and become a round man. I am not a stick or a square. Definitely not a triangle. If I were a woman I definitely would not have a pear shape.  I would describe myself as a lovable bowling ball with legs, lol.

My portrait!!

Pasta has been the defining force in forming my shape. We had pasta served at breakfast(pastina with butter and cheese), pasta served at lunch(farfalle with peas and a bechemel sauce and pasta served at dinner in a million different ways. We were poor and pasta was cheap.

Foods define our lives and pasta has certainly defined mine. I have had to cut back on my pasta consumption because of my health, down to one day a week, and I find that I miss it. When ever I eat pasta it brings back happy memories of my childhood and Sunday meals with my grandparents. Probably the happiest and simplest time of  my life.

I would beg anyone who cooks pasta to take time to learn the meaning of 'aldente' and to cook their pasta in a little sauce so it picks up the sauce flavor. Oh! It's sauce NOT GRAVY!!!!!!

Yeppers I am a pasta snob. Cook it correctly or go eat Chinese, lol.

On the upside my round shape has afforded me a movie career that I would not have had if I was square or a stick.

Me in an alien invasion movie
There is an up side to any situation, lol.

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