Thursday, February 13, 2014

God On Climate Change~~"Lets F$$K With Them!!

“A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water”, Carl Reiner.

I picture God sitting in Heaven thinking about ways to mess with humans. He listens to his angels, who act as advisers, and weighs all his options for mankind before acting in what ever manner he feels appropriate.

But when he is in a playful mood he talks with the small angel like cherubs who make up the heavenly court jesters. I see this group as being made up of all the comedians who have passed and whose job is to keep God entertained.

While alive these comedians made a living joking about climate change so I see no reason that they would stop once comfortably ensconced in heaven.

I picture Jonathan Winters whispering in Gods ear "Lord they talk about climate change all the time. Why not give it to them?". God ponders this idea while Soupy Sales jumps around in the back ground touting this as a wonderful idea.

After consulting further with John Belushi, Dom DeLuise, Richard Pryor and Sam Kinison God decides to F$$K with the weather as a joke.

So he makes it snow in the south causing all kinds of confusion. Temperatures drop to Canadian levels and my ass is frozen. Then two days later he makes it 60 degrees and thaws my frozen ass out only to wait two weeks to freeze it again.

Climate change has become God's massive one liner of jokes. God is having a laugh with Rodney Dangerfield. "Take my climate change, please" is the one liner for the heavenly court jesters.

Climate change is confusing science as is, like cold weather proves global warming, without God opening up a comedy club for Heavenly Beings and using humans as the brunt of all the jokes.

My cat went outside to look for a date this morning for the first time in days. It was cold when he went out but his horns were up and he scooted off next door to visit some local female friends. A hour later he returned with the snow falling hard and a dejected look on his face.

The cat says to me, "You told me it would never snow in the south and that pigs will never fly?"

I showed him this picture.


He looked more dejected and said, " I will never get laid again".


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