Monday, February 17, 2014

Cavemen, Cannabilism & Pressure Cookers~~An Evolutionary Story

This question was posed the other night, "How did cavemen know not to eat each other?"  A question that kicked off an interesting and at times hilarious conversation.

I could take the high road here and talk about the development of morals and ethics but the high road is a boring place. So it's the low road for me, lol.

I am going to suggest that cavemen did not indulge in cannibalism because there were so many other meats available that were suitable to the cooking methods available at the time. Remember, cavemen got plenty of exercise and had a sparse diet. Which would make the caveman a tough meat to prepare satisfactorily. Methods of meat tenderizing, like the pressure cooker, had not been invented leaving cave woman housewives with a very tough product to prepare. I am sure the teeth of cavemen were excellent but every men wants his steak done right.

While I picture my cave ancestors eating like this guy I am sure this is not a practicable idea. He does resemble Ronald McDonald.

It has been discovered that cavemen did eat their vegetables and fruit but even with that added to their diet, clean air, fully organic and free range food, plenty of exercise and pristine water few lived passed the age of thirty.

Hunting dangerous food sources may have been one reason.

Cavemen being, well men, wanted their food fresh. Leftovers were frowned upon even in this era.

While cavemen are always pictured heavy bodied in cartoons; I actually picture them as thinner more sinewy creatures. Tough to cook satisfactorily and tough to chew.

If my cave woman looked like this she would not have to cook at all. I would be eating happily at home.


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