Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Being Gay Is Not The Disease~~Homophobia Is!!

"I'm sorry but there's is no room for Jason Collins & Michael Sam playing a man sport ain't shit manly bout being a fag", (@DewuanS).

"Michael Sam father has failed. Fuck all his accomplishments, records, and etc.. yo sons a faggot," @ TreyMal.

"Fuck Michael Sam .. can't even watch ESPN without these anchors making him sound like a hero.. All he did was SUCK cock", @J_Marz_21.

"So, message to Michael Sam and those like him: NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR ABOUT A MAN WHO LIKES TO SUCK COCK. GET BACK IN THE FUCKING CLOSET", @icanhasbailout.

"Michael Sam first openly gay athlete in the NFL??? that's freaking disgusting!!!!!! should be kicked out of the NFL and the USA", @greyclark24.

Welcome to ignorance American style. These are just a few of the disgusting tweets I found after Michael Sam came out as gay.

I have never understood why we have to find ways to persecute people because they are different. We persecute on the basis or religion, sexual orientation, gender, race and a myriad of other reasons that make no sense.

Are we so insecure in ourselves that we have to persecute others to feel superior? Are we over compensating for our own deficiencies?

Homophobia is a disease no different than the mental disease that drove Hitler to the Holocaust. It is wrong on every level of human existence. Where do we go next? Are we going to hate people because they have red hair or freckles?

Gays can no more change to straight than I can be stretched to six feet tall. It's genetic! It's not a choice!! We need to squelch the intolerance and embrace peoples differences.

I hope Michael Sam does well in the NFL. He is a talented player who will help improve any team. Hell I hope he becomes a New York Jet so maybe my team will do better.

Kiddies, mind your own business and live your own lives. It's hard enough to gain control of our own lives. We have no need to add intolerance and hate against anyone.

There will be a judgement someday and I believe homophobes will be judged harshly.


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