Thursday, February 6, 2014

Toilet Adventures In Sochi

The Russians either think that foreigners are extremely stupid or they have a wonderful sense of humor.

This sign appeared in a Sochi public toilet.

Lets translate this sign.

Upper left depicts the proper use of a toilet. Apparently Russians always sit down to do their business.

Upper right is telling us to pee in the bowl and not all over the room.

Middle left means no puking in the toilets.

Middle right, and my personal favorite, No Pooping In The Toilet Tank, lol. They must really think everyone outside of Russia are pigs.

Lower left is telling us to not FISH in the toilet. I wonder what one catches in a toilet and if its eatable? This one might explain the no puking warning.

Finally lower right which I am not sure about. Either it is warning us that the toilet floor is slippery, or that we should not get drunk and use the toilet because we may slip and fall or no horseplay.

I suggest that anyone going to Sochi bring plenty of toilet paper and moist wipes, confine their drinking to the pubs, bring a friend along to help them decide which opening to poop in, keep their puking in the street where it belongs, wear slip resistant footwear and only go on officially guided fishing trips.

Personally I think that someone in Sochi has a great sense of humor. At least I hope so, lol.


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