Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Your Opinions~~Poke Them With A Stick

"Opinions are like assholes in that everyone has one. But I believe opinions differ significantly from assholes as they should be constantly and thoroughly examined", Tim Minchin.

Admittedly I am opinionated but I am willing to be flexible and examine my opinions and change them with when new facts arise. So I consider myself 'Flexiopinionated'. I just made that word up so it's mine. Hands off!!!

Don't get me wrong; there is nothing evil about having a strong opinion about anything unless you find it necessary to try and force your opinion on someone else. The only entitlement I believe in is that we are entitled to our own opinion no matter how far out there that opinion might be.

Opinions can be harmless or they may manifest themselves in evil acts. I believe that French onion soup is the best soup but chicken noddle soup lovers would disagree. A harmless assumption that will probably not start a brawl.

The most reactionary opinions come in politics and religion. Most of the worlds violence is perpetrated because of someone's political or religious opinions, beliefs.

We need to examine our opinions daily. The world changes with each minute that passes. Our live change everyday. A constant examination of our opinions taking into account our prejudices and our biases is necessary.

Apply critical thought to your opinions. Even though I believe that our educational system is failing students in the development of critical thinking skills, my opinion, it is important to examine your opinions from other points of view.

Do not be afraid to have opinions that are original. Progress is made through original thought and opinions.

Do not be afraid to express your opinion openly. Only through taking your opinions out for a test drive will you find the truth of fallacy in them. By opening your opinions up to discussion you allow yourself the opportunity to examine them and change them.

Finally do not fear changing your opinion. Few things are set in stone. Be 'flexiopinionated'.

For the record; my opinions are always correct so don't challenge them, lol.


PS....For those of you following the my short story 'The Promise'; I was asked to not make it public at this time by a principal who the story is based on. I will finish it in private and publish it at a later time.

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