Friday, January 10, 2014

The Promise,Chapter 2~~A Short Story By Randy Mantovani

Chapter 2


Gaming was a way to clear his mind of the problems life threw at him. Through gaming he could be king of his own castle, leader of men and a railroad tycoon. It also gave him the opportunity of interaction with others without revealing his true identity, His problems were left at the sign window and he became a new person.

Quite by accident he found an article about a new game called Second Life. Intrigued he joined hoping this might fill the void that he was floundering in.

It was a strange place made up of people from all over the world and he soon found friends and started a new life behind the anonymity of his avatar. He lost himself in this new world spending nearly every waking hour bathing in its many opportunities.

Music became his passion and each night he would attend shows of the many singers that populated this world. He would lose himself in the music and forget all his troubles.

Entering a venue one night to attend a show he saw her. Dancing alone in a corner. Conversation was flying rampant around the room but not a word from her. He greeted her in private and asked her to dance. His heart jump when she said yes. He soon found out that she spoke very little English and he spoke no Swedish at all.

Somehow they communicated and a path was set for them. From that night on his every minute was hers. He helped her learn English and she laughed at his pathetic attempt to learn Swedish. But learn they did and in the process they also learned to love each other.

They were realistic about their relationship. Five thousand miles made any real life relationship improbable. The six hour time difference was an insurmountable problem but some how they worked it out. Night after night they learned about each other, enjoyed each others company and let their feelings grow.

They were living as normal a life two pixilated avatars could live. He had never had a relationship like this with a woman before. There were no arguments or disagreements. Being in a non physical state allowed them to get close without all the stumbling blocks that humans have when living together.

No socks on the floor, no bathrooms to clean or meals to cook. Just quality time spent between the essence of two people who found common ground, respect and love.

Their years together proved to be the experience of a lifetime for both of them. The pains that real life had given them disappeared when they were together. He absorbed the hardships of her life and became a comforting port for her and she did the same for him.

Each night, while their avatars laid in bed, they talked about their dreams; each finding a way to support the other.

It was a good life and one he wished was beyond the pixels. But once log off occurred the reality of real life set back in.

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