Thursday, January 30, 2014

Waxing The Silver Back Gorilla Or Just A Little Off My Back Please

"Really hairy backs on men turn me off. I'm not into the ape thing at all. Or beer bellies and flabby arms, either. Also, one random nose hair which is longer than the others... that's gross", Nadine Velazquez.

With a few exceptions male models are always depicted without body hair. Male grooming has become an all day affair that would make our male ancestors cringe and may be one more bit of proof for those who believe that there is a process going on to wussify the American male.

Can you imagine what this magnificent creature would look like if he was waxed, shaved and pampered into a state of hairlessness.

He is not so majestic now kiddies!!
Men are under going shaving, waxing, laser removal, cream removal and electroysis to look like those men pictured on magazine covers. All because women have been convinced that a man should be hairless to be sexy.
I remember the days when women would love to play in men's chest hair. Now they are giving their men gift cards to spas so they can be waxed.
Truthfully this is all the fault of men. Our obsession with the clean and hairless female form has given rise to a a new generation of women who want the same in their men. Maybe Europe has this correct; a little hair on a woman is OK.
This may be a but much but I think you get my point.
I might look like a neanderthal but I will guarantee I am as good as a wussified shaved and waxed man any day of the week. Gray hair an all, lol.

So the American male is at a hairy crossroad. Do we think with our little heads and succumb to the whims of our female partners and wax our bodies into wussified teenage boys just to get a little. Or do we use our actual brains and stand up for our hairy civil rights and show women that even cavemen can be good lovers.
"People and squirrels are very different. Most people will not argue that. But I find that there is one situation in which they're very similar. And that is: when I am driving towards them in my car. Then they're kind of hard to tell apart - especially if the human is kind of hairy", Demetri Martin.
Hmmm!! Why do I feel like a squirrel right now.

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