Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The State Of The Onion Speech Is Over For Another Year

'State Of The Onion'; that is what I started calling this since I was in the Army back in the early 70's. A two hour exercise in American political rhetoric that rarely touches on reality and comes to fruition less than a geek's chance on getting laid.

President Obama is no different than his predecessors; long on seeing the problems and short on finding the will power to solve them. I believe that one of the requirements to be an elected official, for national office, is the lack of a spine.

This year did bring some disturbing ideas to the forefront. President Obama's willingness to bypass congress and the senate with executive orders concerns me. I understand his thinking as he is up against a do nothing legislative branch and bypassing them may look like a good idea on paper but I question the constitutionality of this process. I am sure there will be court challenges to the presidents executive orders. I am also sure we will see long and tedious committee investigations on these orders as well. More political rhetoric and party grandstanding.

I like to make jokes about politicians but it is difficult to make jokes about failing school systems, an out of control national debt, income and gender inequality and the loss of 'The American Dream' to so many of our citizens. It is easy to poke fun at our national elected officials for their impotent governing but so sad that the opportunity exists to to it.

I believe it was President Lincoln that said, " A country divided against itself can not stand". We are such a country now. The guns are silent but so are the problem solvers. If we are not careful 500 years from now historians will be discussing 'The Rise and Fall of the United States' in their classrooms.


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