Monday, January 20, 2014

My Webcam Adds 3 Pounds To My Penis!!!!

Personally I would prefer it to add 3 inches but I will take what I can get, lol. Research shows that most women prefer girth over length, and scientific precedent proves it. As Men's Health has noted, several comprehensive studies on this very topic concluded girth always comes out the winner.

So am I a real 'dick' for broaching this subject? Am I making long pixie stick guys uncomfortable with their own members? Will the suicide rate for men with long thin members go on the rise after they read this?

More importantly; do I care at all? LOL, probably not!

 No I am not a dick head but many men in Second Life are.
Men are born in Second Life with a mangina - a male body that looks like a Ken doll. As noobs we run to try and improve this condition.
The result of arming a noob with a penis is seen in this picture.

Teleporting from sim to sim with their flag at full mast oblivious to what is going on with their own avatar.

This is what I picture women see when 'noob penis' lands in their area, lol.
This is how these 'noobs' or worse the 'wanna sex me guys' see themselves.
In reality, sitting behind their protective computer screens this is what is really going on.

In Second Life every man is hung like Stallions. In Real Life not so much.

Now where are those upgrades to my body that evolution promises? I want to be a
Stallion not a Shar Pei....


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