Tuesday, January 21, 2014

12 Years A Slave

I remember watching The Passion Of Christ in 2004 and the feeling I had when walking out of the theater after the movies. I remember that no one spoke and the silence was deafening. I felt sadness, guilt and sorrow over what I considered the greatest injustice of all time.

Yesterday I saw 12 Years A Slave and had a very similar reaction, I am not saying that Solomon Northrup was on the same plain as Jesus but I had this feeling of guilt and sorrow for Solomom's plight. The injustice done against this man and those that suffered along with him is heartbreaking.

Slavery is an abomination against humanity, against God. Yet to this day it still exists. According to The Global Slavery Index of 2013 there are approximately 13-14 million enslaved in India, 2 million in Pakistan, millions still enslaved throughout Africa and an estimated 30 million world wide endure modern day slavery.

According to Nicolas D. Kristof, in his article 'Slavery Isn't A Thing Of The Past, even here in the United States we are not immune form the disease of slavery. From modern sex slaves to illegal immigrants forced to work without wages under threat of violence, he estimates some 60,000 are enslaved in the Unites States.

It seems no country is immune.

There will always be people who will try and take advantage of the weak or unfortunate among us. It is up to all of us, as members of the human race, keep a look out for these situations and speak up when we find them.

Human Rights are the responsibility of every one of us!!!


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