Monday, December 16, 2013

Second Life~~My Own Isle Of Misfit Toys

It's Christmas in Second Life. The virtual world is decorated to the hilt with traditional Christmas accoutrement's. And since this is Second Life many not so traditional decorations abound.

At the Flash Dancers Christmas Party, this past Saturday morning, one could see snowmen screwing, snowmen drunk and bloodied surrounded by beer bottles and piles of jumping poop, with Santa hats on, working as backup dancers near the stage. God bless ye merry gentle poop!!

As the Christmas decorations start to seem over the top Second Lifers bring new meaning to 'Don we now our gay apparel'.

Here is Cee and I in traditional Second Life garb. The fornicating snowmen can be seen on the right of this picture. Yeppers dignity is dead, lol.
The Professor and Rain demonstrating the death of dignity.
And Luc driving the final nail into dignities coffin with his Santa hat placement.
The highlight of my morning is when The Professor was caught wearing a thong on his head that was described as a 'Wayward Eyepatch'.

This will bring an entire new meaning to 'Talk Like A Pirate Day', lol.
All this madness is in good fun and makes my real life years melt away. Starting any day out laughing makes the rest of the day roll along smoothly.
Merry Christmas Second Life and especially the Flash Dancers!!

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