Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I Am A Product Of My Diet

I am a product of my diet! If that statement is true I should look like a cheeseburger wrapped in lots of bacon served with a side of fries in gravy, lol. I am in bacon remission since my hospitalization this year but I do still love the sight and smell of bacon cooking.

Today I saw this on the Internet and was more than intrigued and very tempted to jump on the bacon band wagon but a little bird kept singing in my ear; " Don't do it! Don't do it". It's funny how those little blond birds get in your head, lol.

Yeppers!! This is what I saw. A bacon weave taco shell. What is worse it comes in a Bacon Weave Choco Taco. This delightful delicacy is made by Dude Foods who are also responsible for deep fried peanut butter, the bacon weave breakfast burger, deep fried Oreo filling and breakfast pinwheels(a lovely mixture of bacon, eggs, cheese and onions on a crescent roll). Hungry yet kiddies?

My life's gastronomic style has changed a lot since my illness so I know that I can only look at these heart clogging morsels of goodness from a distance. But I did find a sandwich I tried for breakfast that I enjoyed and will not send me to the hospital, lol.


This is a take on the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. On the left slice of toast we have jelly, honey and cream cheese. On the right is crunchy peanut butter, creamy peanut butter and Nutella(which is a gift from the Italian Gods~a chocolate hazelnut cream).

When you put the two halves together nine different flavor combinations are produced. It's like an orgasm between two slices of bread and just the thing to cheer one up on a down day.

It will never replace BACON but it's a damn good start.


PS...I was going to write about my opinion of AVI Choice awards today but I did not want it to sound like sour grapes as I lost. 90% of my readers come from outside of Second Life and have no idea what a virtual world is as they are dealing with the real world. Winning was an impossible task for me but others that I know deserved to win and they were also left off the list of winners. I do want to thank those that voted for me. I very much appreciate your vote.

What miffs me the most is that singers won in categories that they did not deserve to be nominated. For instance singers that sing original music almost exclusively losing out in the original music category to singers that rarely sing an original song.

My hat is off to those singers that toil each night in front of small crowds. They are the backbone of Second Life music.

My admiration to The Flash Dancers who provide audiences to singers all over the grid. I believe them to be the best group in Second Life.

Finally a voting tip for next year. Clear your cookies before you go to vote. As long as they are cleared you can vote a thousand times a day, lol.

That's a lot of writing for something I was not going to write about!!

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