Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dancing Through The English Language~A Fascinating Journey

Every year we add new words to the English language but at the same time many words are forgotten to disuse.

This morning I was telling friend that our elected officials are populated by people that demonstrate a tendency toward being labeled as 'snollygosters'. Of course he looked at me like I had two heads. A snollygoster is a shrewd, unprincipled person, especially a politician. A good word to describe the people playing games with our country up in our national Fantasy Land( Washington, DC).

The activities of those in Washington are 'grinnow'(a stain that will not come out in the wash) on the fabric of our society.

 Of course I am no expert and have been accused of dabbling in 'ultracrepidarianism'; giving opinions on subjects I know nothing about. But it is fun to pull the wool over peoples eyes.

I suggest that when reading any publication you become a 'chasmophile'(a lover of nooks and crannies) so you can study the writings inner meaning. Being a chasmophile also would make you a better lover but that's an entire blog within itself.

If I 'guttle'(to eat greedily) before bed I tend to suffer from 'uhtceare'(lying awake before dawn and worrying). Then my entire day is put off track.

In the end I think it best that I remain 'mumbudget'(keeping quiet) on subjects that I know little about.

Like this old blabbermouth could ever hold back on expressing an opinion on anything, lol


PS... If you have an interest in lost or little used English language words read 'Horologicon~A days Jaunt Through The Lost Words Of The English Language', by Mark Forsythe.

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