Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lesbian Anniversary~No Balloons

'Lesbian Anniversary~No Balloons'; I know that every female same sex couple wants that written on their anniversary cake. This is exactly what happened to a couple in the Washington DC area recently.

"The customer, identified only as Sarah, told The Advocate that she had ordered a carrot cake based on a design she saw in the Arlington, Va. bakery's catalog that featured balloons crafted out of icing. Sarah said she requested that her custom cake not include the balloons, but read "Happy Anniversary Lindsey! Love, Sarah" instead."

"When Sarah picked up the cake, it read, "Lesbian Anniv. No Ballons" [sp] in lieu of her suggested message. The cake was also chocolate and featured the icing balloons that Sarah had requested not be included."

This type of slight has been happening more and more especially in the service industry where tips are being withheld because of the servers sexual orientation.

Withholding gratuities is sometimes alright; if the service is bad or the food literally sucks but to evoke the sexual orientation of the server as a reason is despicable.

These same bigots sit in their churches extruding a 'hollier than thou' attitude every Sunday. They lay their bigotry at the feet of God where it does not belong. Bigotry against gays, just because they are gay, is no different than bigotry against peoples of color just because they are not white. It is an ignorant stance taken by people who claim to know God but in reality their attitudes will never let God know them.

God teaches love and caring for all people. HE never teaches hate. Hate is taught by humans who in their quest for relevance always have to keep someone down. They demonize segments of our society in an effort to justify their battle against the devil because being different or having different beliefs in some way is proof that the devil exists.

I would be happy sitting at the gates of Heaven, for eternity, watching God turn away all these bigots for their lack of love and compassion for all Gods creatures.


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