Monday, November 25, 2013

We Should Be Afraid to Leave our Houses

Every time we wander out of our houses to run life's little errands we take our lives into our own hands. There is a pretty good chance that you may not make it home from your trip to the grocery or Wally World.

Many of us have a use the stairs to improve our health but did you know that 12,000 people are killed each year by stairs. You are safer taking the elevator. Only 27 people are killed using elevators each years.

Everyday Americans make over 260 million trips across the 66,749 bridges defined as 'structrually deficient' by the Federal Highway Administration. That's about 1 in 9 bridges in the United States.

Did you know that you are very likely to contract a Hospital Acquired Infection when admitted to a hospital. There is an estimated 1.7 million infections and 99,000 deaths associated with Hospital Acquired Infections. And the hospital charges you to clear up the infection.

Things that can give you cancer; smoking, asbestos and the hair products that we use everyday to prepare for that trip out.

Want to take your child out for a hot dog? Don't! 77 children a year are killed by hot dogs.

Birds flying into airplanes have caused 250 deaths worldwide since 1988.

Now that I have you afraid to leave the house; you are no safer staying home.

Your cats carry diseases that can be transferred to humans. Diseases like toxoplasmosis that has been associated with increases in risk behavior, mental disorders including ACHD, OCD, schizophrenia or a greater chance of suicidal behavior. Puppies can transfer campylobactor to humans which cause diarrhea.

Speaking of dogs; last year 37 people were killed by dogs and only 1 by a bear.

Bathtubs kill 341 people annually.

600 people die in America every year by falling out of bed.

15,260 times per year(42 times a day) houses burn down because of open flames like with candles.

Finally from 2002 - 2010 , and I am crossing my legs while I type this, 17, 616 people went to the ER with genitalia injuries caused by zippers. OUCH!!!

So we are not safe anywhere.

Enjoy your holiday kiddies! LOL!!


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