Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Behavior Is Appalling

 I have been watching the reports of appalling behavior at stores all across the United States. I have also been watching the tweets of people who seem to blame retailers for this behaving; especially Walmart.

Blaming the retailers for despicable behavior by their costumers is like blaming a car for the accident caused by its driver. Just stupid, stupid stupid behavior!!

Apparently the possibility of saving a few dollars brings the worst out in some people. But there is a segment of every society that thrives on bad behavior. There are those who are the perpetrators of this behavior and there is that segment of society that sits in wait to record this behavior.  These 'chronicalors of bad behavior' always have their camera phones and the shortest way to upload the pictures to the Internet at the ready.

I also believe that many of these 'papparazzi for chaos' are sitting in wait for the sole purpose of stirring up the pot of discontent among those who have agendas against business. It's possible that some of these incidents are staged. I have no proof but do have a strong feeling.

Millions of people take part in Black Friday shopping, my daughter being one, and never get involved with this behavior.

It's funny that we see very little about the thousands of stores that have well behaved costumers. I guess despicable behavior makes better news.


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