Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Day To Be Thankful

Thanksgiving is a day to be thankful for what we have been given and who we share our lives. Over the past few years my life has been a bumpy ride at best with few things to be thankful. Second Life has been better but still there were bumps in the road.

I have watched, in amazement, as my life slowly improves at an age where I did not expect any improvement. A woman has found her way into my Real and Second lives and elevated me. I find myself doing things again that I had laid by the side of the road, like an unneeded weight, thinking I would not return to them. But she has helped me find my way back to activities that were normal years ago but were set aside in my depression.

CeeCee Caledonia my new Second Life partner has set me on a new path to a happier life. I am thankful for her everyday. We are a six hour drive away form each other but she always makes sure that I am never alone. Never lonely. A constant flow of texts, phone calls and emails makes it difficult to feel alone.

Oh Yeah!! I am also thankful I have unlimited texting, lol.

We spent a wonderful three day weekend together; getting to know each other, discovering that we like being with each other and  seeing that even though we are not CeeCee and Zoilo, in real life, that there is an attraction and bond between us.

I am thankful for the smile she puts on my face everyday. The way we laugh out loud together, like two little kids being tickled, when we are on skype.

I am thankful for the way she kicks me in the butt to get me moving when I am down. I am thankful for the opportunity to treat her well because she deserves it.

I am thankful for her courage in meeting a stranger, who could have been a serial killer, and over coming her fears to get to know me.

I have always heard that happiness can improve an illness. I know that is true because I have been feeling so much better since she came into my life.

I am especially happy for the sense of hope she has instilled in me. I had lost that and her gift of returning it to me is the best thing anyone could have given me.

Happy Thanksgiving Baby!!

Love you!!



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