Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Shout Down The Hijackers Of Your Religion

The other night a blog subject was suggested by a friend; 'Will The Moderate Muslin Please Stand Up'. After a google search I discovered that's been done to death. But it made me think about the way people hijack religions for their own agenda.

Religion is the 20th and 21st centuries hijacking hot spot. In a way, and probably by a stretch of my beliefs, I can understand why many fall into 'radical Islam. Culturally I think the middle east, with extension to other heavily populated Muslim countries, is ripe for radical Islam to grow. My concern is closer to home.

The rise of 'radical Christianity' and to some extent 'radical Judism' here at home concerns me greatly. I was raised a Christian and have lived among Jews in Brooklyn, NY. Christianity taught me that Jesus is love. My Jewish neighbors taught me that they are a gentle pious people. So I do not understand the hate that pours out of some Christian organizations like the Westboro Baptist Church and others like them.

Religion should be a calming and beautiful experience. It should bring people together in a peaceful way. It should never be the birth place of hate and vitriol.

The need, and I do believe its a need for power by some people regardless of what religion they practice, to interpret the scriptures for their individual goals or ideals confounds me. The bastardization of the scriptures for ones own use is a crime against God.

God created everything around us. Whether He did it with a big bang or seven days of creation is a mystery. When I meet him I will ask. Until then I choose to stay out of the mainstream religious circles and see God in all things and all people.

Religion should leave you with a warm happy feeling not hate. I urge you all to take back your religious values from the hijackers. Shout them down and bring sanity back to your worship.


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