Thursday, October 24, 2013

Chely Wright A Class Act And A Brave Woman

I have always been a Chely Wright fan. Every song she sings is a hit with me. Chely's star was rising fast until she came out as lesbian. Then her life and career took a hit that was so unfair.

Fans who loved her music abandoned her because she came out. How stupid!! She is the same person as the day before she came out. I hate when being honest hurts a person. Chely is a Christian who happens to be gay. Frankly I became a bigger supporter after her revelation.

I take up this tale today because there is a movement going on to return Chely to the Grand Ole Opry stage. Before she came out she was a regular at the Opry. Since coming out she has not been invited back at all. Opry fans are being deprived of one of the best female artists around and just because of some misguided homophobes.

I would ask that you spend some time listening to her music and decide if you like her as a singer. The music is what counts and the fact that she is a good person who deserves better.

After you listen to her jump over to and sign the petition to bring Chely back to the Opry.

It is the right thing to do.


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