Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Government Shutdown~~A Remake Of The Wizard of Oz

Just like in The Wizard of Oz we have congress and the senate looking for a heart, a brain and courage and all being led, if leadership is what this is, by Barack 'Dorthy' Obama. All these people following the yellow brick road that is paved with the hopes and dreams of the America people. A yellow brick road that leads to government shutdowns, debt default and the stupidity of elected officials that we are supposed to trust.

Where is The Wizard when we need him? He needs to give heart to these DC babies so they can see the suffering of the people that elected them. He needs to give them a brain so they can find a way forward.

Then he needs to give courage to a president that wants to remain mired in over spending and lacks the will power to make meaningful decisions.

A brain may have kept these people working in Washington instead of taking a vacation when they knew this fight was looming. Sure they need to go to their home districts now and again but with this ahead of them they should have gone home, given the wife a little pickle tickle and got their worthless asses back to DC.

Lets leave this 11th hour bullshit to Hollywood where it belongs. This is real life gentlemen, not a fantasy.


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