Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Treatment Of American Veterans Is Disgraceful

As a result of the government shutdown many American veterans are unnecessarily targeted by politicians that, in many cases, have no idea what it means to serve their country. If these politicians had any clue as to what it means to be a military veteran they would never forget that service and would always hold the men and women of our armed services in high regard.

More and more we are electing people who have not tasted military service. People who put the military on the back burner until they feel a need to send them into harms way to protect their collective cowardly asses. People that would rather give handouts to those who will not work and overlook those who serve.

The closing of open air memorials, that are walk through sites and require little supervision is bad enough but the withholding of any kind of benefit to our military, especially death benefits for families is a disgusting act perpetrated by those who have no clue of what 'serving this country' really means.

I believe that all people that want to run for national elected office should be required to have military service as part of their experience. Maybe then they would understand what it means to serve their country.

Personally I will never again vote for a person who has not served in the military regardless of party affiliation. I will laugh in the faces of those who claim to have served their country in groups like the Peace Corp when in most cases they are actually serving some other country.

I lived through a time when our military men and women were treated better overseas then they were here at home. A time when they arrived home to protests and labels like 'baby killers' instead of parades and handshakes for their service.

I see the present politicians in the same light as those protesters. Misguided children with no clue to what serving really means.

This disrespect, with some notable exceptions, spreads from the President on down to the Senate and Congress. Shame on you!!!

I have told this story before. Sitting in the San Antonio airport with my son, who was in uniform, when a woman came up and thanked him for his service. A proud and very sad moment in my life. I wish someone, anyone, would have thanked us for our service in the 60's and early 70's.


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