Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Women Are Running The World!! Like That Is A Secret!!

"Judge me and I will prove you wrong. Tell me what to do and ill tell you off. Tell me I'm not worth it and watch where I end up. call me a bitch and I'll show you one. fuck me over and I'll do it to you twice as bad. Call me crazy but you really have no idea", source unknown.

Over the past few years more and more discoveries of ancient civilizations with female rulers have been unearthed. Women ruling in the ancient world is a fact. So is women ruling in the modern world. Men are just to dumb, egotistical and naive to admit it.

These days men still see women approaching with weapons at the ready but now these weapons are not knives or spears but ones of much greater danger. A whiff or perfume, a scent in their hair and the sultry movement of their hips are far greater weapons. These weapons attack a mans baser instincts or what I like to call 'The Little Head Syndrome'.

This occurs when a man sees a woman and transfers his thinking abilities from his brain to his crotch. Every man is guilty of this process. In making this transfer men give all the power to women. The penis may not have a brain but it does have incalculable control over men's thoughts and deeds.

Women, infinitely more intelligent and devious than men, know this and attack using means only available to their gender and do it in such a way that men believe that they are in charge.

I picture Michelle Obama rolling over and giving Barack his marching orders for the day.

Women determine what men buy, what they wear and where they are going and do it with such charm that men march right into the line of fire happily sacrificing their lives for the fleeting chance of women's touch or attention.

Hell!! Does any man really think that we thought up the idea of manscaping, lol. We happily go off to the store with shopping lists prepared by our women and proudly walk into the feminine hygiene isle and make their purchases. MANHOOD BE DAMNED!!


Remember this the next time you are put in the position of saying "Yes Dear! Anything You Say!".


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