Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What To Expect From Your Second Life Relationship

Second Life relationships are wonderful. I have had two partners in Second Life and both have been loving and caring experiences. But I have found that before going into any partnership in Second Life you have to be honest with what your expectations for that partnership are and more importantly what your partner wants out of it.

I am guilty of not thinking all this through before asking someone to share my Second Life. A mistake I will never make again.

I am just out of a wonderful partnership. She was loving, caring and loyal. Everything a man could want from a woman. But she was also a real life woman who deserved someone who could become real for her. She deserved real life happiness not just a pixel man whose life's mistakes did not allow him to run to her and give her what she needed.

This is not meant to be a confession of my shortfalls but rather a warning to anyone who is thinking about taking a partner in Second Life. Be honest with your prospective partner. Know what their goals are and understand your ability to fulfill them.

If you take the responsibility of partnership lightly; in the end you will hurt someone you care for deeply. That was my case. Two people who love each other but can not go beyond Second life.

My failures as a human being caused pain to someone that only deserves happiness. The sad thing is your partner will blame themselves when they are the good ones. I deeply apologize for causing pain.

If you indeed decide to partner, and you are incapable of ever going beyond Second Life, pick a partner that wants to leave the relationship pixelated. Believe me in  the long run it will be better for you both.

Loving someone can be hard enough on its own. Loving someone who loves you and who can not be in your life is much harder.


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  1. Not know what we want, and having different expectations does doom a relationship. So can poor communication. I have found that even if you want the same things, you can still run aground if you don't let down the mask and reveal what you most feel. It is easy to be deceptive in SL and for those to appear as others would wish, rather than who they really are. People feel as much, if not more due to seeing what you want to see, in SL than in RL. Caution, communication, and honesty always are best in any world. Eleanor, Sim Street Journal