Thursday, August 29, 2013

Get Off Miley's Back And Into Her Brain!!

"Given the imperfections of our society and the apparent downward spiral of spiritual and moral values in recent years, thinking has become a grave issue. It is more urgent now - perhaps more urgent than anything else - because it is the means by which we consider, decide and act upon everything in our increasingly complex world. If we don't begin to think well, it is highly likely that we may end up killing ourselves", M. Scot Peck

Do I believe that Miley Cyrus put on a disgusting immature display at the Video Music Awards? You Bet I do!!! But Miley is another product of the industry that produced people like Lindsey Lohan and Amanda Bynes. Gaining stardom early in life and and desperate to hold on to it.

The truth is WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE!! We watch this stuff and worse we allow our children to watch it. We tolerate the antics of Madonna and Lady Gaga all the time ooooing and ahhhhing at those antics.

We buy music and watch films that objectify woman as sex objects and in some cases as punching bags. We make stars out of people that have no more talent than the ability to market a sex tape.

Bad behavior amongst those who seek fame is rampant. Case in point; a couple of years ago you could see pictures of the famous giving 'beaver shots' almost every day. Supposedly by accident, lol. But I believe that the first picture and maybe the second were by accident. The rest were planned accidents concocted to gain a little more relevance by desperate celebrities.

Yes Kiddies! We are responsible because we did not put out foot down and yell stop from the beginning.

That we allowed, through record and movie sales, violence against woman, lewd behavior and excessive violence in general.

We are responsible because we are a society that can not say NO to our children because we may hurt their psyche. Political correctness has undermined a parents control over their responsibilities toward their children.

Political Correctness is the single most element that degenerates our society because it blocks us from doing what we known is right.

So do not blame Miley for her behavior. Blame Billy Ray Cyrus for allowing it. Blame Disney for doing what ever it does that turned sweet Hannah Montana into Miley 'The Twerking Body' Cyrus.


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