Monday, August 12, 2013

National Orgasm Day~~Of Course I Missed It

While skimming the Internet late last week I came across an article written by Kristen Droesch titled '10 Insane (But True) Things That Cause Orgasms'.  This is a list of ways women have claimed to orgasm outside of the usual vaginal, masturbation or nocturnal orgasms.

1. Exercise-induced orgasms: Mainly sparked by core moves, you can get your rocks off at the gym or on the go.

2. Nipplegasms: All it takes is a little stimulation of the nipples to release oxytocin, the chemical responsible for the vaginal contractions of orgasm.

3. Mind orgasms: According to Lady Gaga, it’s possible to get yourself off just by thinking the right thoughts and breathing a certain way.

4. Labor-induced orgasms: Apparently, the motions of labor stimulate the same areas as, well, you know, leading to mid-labor orgasms.

5. Yawning: This one requires the antidepressant Clomipramine. A not unheard of side effect of Clomipramine is the orgasmic yawn.

6. Foot orgasm: A rare one, the single sufferer is believed to have had damage done to the sciatic nerve in her left foot during gallbladder surgery.

7. Permanent Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAS): In a permanent state of increased blood flow to the sex organs, PSAS suffers have been known to orgasm as many as 200 times a day.

8. Breast feeding: Nerves connecting from the breasts to the sex organs are responsible of this strange one.

9. Riding horses: An oldy but a goodie, this old wives tale is a sure fire ticket to euphoria.

10. Eating junk food: For one Colorado woman, ice cream is what gets her rocks off.

HMMM!!! Notice that women are finding ways to eliminate men in the orgasm process?

Maybe because men see orgasms like this guy?


LOL! Yes I think that may be the reason and proof that most men are pigs.


PS...Here is the link to Kristen Droech's article;

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