Thursday, August 15, 2013

Just Add Water Beer

Pat's Backcountry Beverages has invented 'just add water beer' so one can take beer on a camping trip and not have to carry the weight of canned beer. An interesting concept but I do not believe that Pat's has thought this marketing idea through to its full financial potential.

If a man has been backing packing, in a harsh environment, a beer just goes so far in quenching his thirst. A man, especially a burly outdoor type, has needs. A beer yes. A good meal. A warm fire. Secure shelter.

And of course;

                                          A 'just add water' WOMAN!!

She would be light to carry in his backpack. I imagine she would come in a variety of flavors and would be a willing participant in backwoods fun.

The only drawback I see is that once the new day arrives and his back country trip resumes she would be impossible to stuff back into his backpack for the days hike. Unless, of course, she could be dehydrated, repackaged and rehydrated when the days trek ends. Hmmmm!! I see the wheels turning in the minds of male researchers as I type.

I also picture this;

Angry women beating down my door like rabid zombies ready to feast on my brain just for thinking this up.

I wonder if I could calm them down with a suggestion that scientists work on a 'Just add water' man who has no ability to say no to every order they bark at him.

We could call it 'The Pussy Whipped Model' and sell him cheap.


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