Friday, August 9, 2013

My Bucket List

My 65th birthday is today so I thought that it was time I wrote a bucket list. There are about a million things I wish I had done in my life but no one gets everything done. A few things on my list are personal, others are goals I have yet to reach and others are silly. In reality it's not much of a list.

~~High on my list is something that I am sure I will never get a chance to do unless I win the lottery. I want to visit my ancestral homes in Italy. I just want to be able to walk the streets my ancestors walked and learn more about them.

That would include Sermide in Lombardia where my paternal grandfather was born, Castelnovo Bariano in Veneto where my paternal grandmother was born, Polizzi Generosa in Sicily where my
maternal grandfather was born and Basilicata( I still need to do research on the exact village).

Funny story. My fathers parents, my grandparents, were born 20 miles from each other in Italy but did not meet until they had emigrated to America.

~~I want to see the book I am working on be published even if I have to self publish and give the books away never selling any of them. I guess I need another lottery win, lol.

~~I would like to attend one more big family event like a wedding. My family is gigantic and I have been outside of it for many years. Italian weddings are fantastic and being with all my relatives again would make me very happy.

~~Now this one is sort of silly but would be fun. I would like to spend a week with the Robertson family of Duck Dynasty. They are real, down to earth and seem to be what every family should be; loving and faithful to each other.

That's all I have on my list. I have done and seen a lot during my life and I am satisfied with that. For the most part I have found contentment in my life. Not everything is perfect. If I wanted perfection; I would not be human. Believe me I am human, lol.


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