Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Redneck 'Blank' Games

Every summer in the Great State of Maine The Redneck 'Blank' games are held. The 'Blank' us to be the word Olympics until the International Olympic Committee threatened a law suite for using 'Olympics' in the name.

Organizer Harold Brooks changed the name under pressure from the International Olympics Committee, but noted that "everyone knows what the `blank' stands for."

No redneck event would go on without a beer tent, music, good food, a demolition derby for charity, lawn mower races, truck mud runs and camping and this event sports all of these and more. And all these activities are before the actually games begin.

Some of the redneck games events included bobbing for pigs' feet, toilet seat horseshoes and a greased watermelon relay race.

                                              The Redneck Torch

                                                 Mud Pit Diving

                                              Bobbing For Pigs' Feet

The idea behind the event, Brooks said, was to have what amounts to a great big outdoor picnic and pig roast for hardworking people who've earned the right to blow off some steam.

Being a redneck, he said, isn't about living in a trailer, or getting drunk.

"A redneck is someone who works hard. They say their neck is red because they work outside. A redneck can make fun of himself and have a good time," said Brooks.

Another truly American event. I am planning my trip to Maine for next years event.


PS....The bulk of this blog came from an article in the Huffington Post

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