Friday, August 16, 2013

Hempfest Starts Today

From the Hempfest website; 'Seattle Hempfest is the world’s largest annual cannabis protest rally. Celebrating its 22nd anniversary, Seattle Hempfest features six stages of music, world renowned speakers, hundreds of food, arts, crafts and political booths.'

I looked at the schedule, website~, and am amazed so many performers are involved. Amazed in the sense that I am 3000 miles away and can not attend.

Marijuana is now legal in Washington state so on a state level this is less of a protest than it has been in the past. A case could be made for it being a focal point for a national debate on legalization of marijuana.

I salute the Seattle Police in their approach to Hempfest. The police department is handing out bags of Doritos with information about Washington's new legalization law attached. So much nicer than spending their day arresting for possession.

Have fun Seattle!!

Be safe!!

Hug a police officer when he gives you Doritos!!


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