Monday, July 29, 2013

Will The Royal Baby Be Circumcised?

Will The Royal Baby Be Circumcised? That was an actual headline today that has circulated over the Internet media. UNBELIEVABLE!!

This makes me cross my legs and I am circumcised, lol. Everything seems to be open to discussion when Royals do anything. I imagine that the Royal Family has no expectations of privacy when it comes to the stupidity of the press.

When George Alexander Louis starts high school every girl, hell every person worldwide, will know as much about his body as he does.

My image of the scene, in the Royal Operating Room, is slightly jaded but I can imagine The Queen saying, "Off with his head! Take an inch off the top! That will curtail his self esteem."

My suggested clinic to perform the circumcision is cheap and Dr. Cutter makes castle calls.

Good Luck kid!! This is just the beginning of the indignities that life and the idiotic press will throw at you.


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