Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What Am I Up To Now?

It has been awhile since I gave you an update on my life. So today you are going to get it, lol.

My health has steadily improved although I still have to take 6 different medications every day. I have continued my walking program and am up to nearly 2 miles a day. My stamina has improved immensely. The blood clots have been dissolved in my lungs and legs and I no longer have any pain.

I bought a food extractor and am extractor foods for 2 meals a day. The other meal loosely follows a Paleo diet. But I refuse to give up my Twinkies so I still have that vice.

All in all I am doing very well health wise.

I have started writing again. My depression, over my illness, made writing very difficult. My short story 'The Mountain Path' is being shopped to magazines now so rejections should be pouring in shortly, lol.

The book I have been working on is in complete disarray and I have decided to scrap the entire project and start over using the same main character but a completely different story line.

On September 21 I will start an online writing course, Crafting an Effective Writer-Tools of the Trade. I need to continue to sharpen my skills and learning is always an ongoing process.

What I am reading:

SuperVolcano-All Fall Down, by Harry Turtledove (Finished yesterday while sitting on a beach being distracted by bikini clad woman. At least my libo is in recovery)

Zealot-The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth, by Reza Aslan

Two Graves, by Douglas Preston and  Lincoln Child

Thomas Jefferson-Lessons from a Secret Buddha, by Suneel Dhand

As you can see; I am a veracious reader. All writers have to be as reading is not only a pleasure but a study in other writers craft.

Finally, and I am a bit embarrassed to admit this, but I have become addicted to Duck Dynasty. Uncle Si is my hero.


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