Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Today The Fiction Writer Tells The Truth

I love writing fiction. Creating a story from an idea excites me. But life is not fiction and my life has turned again.

I had an interesting morning. First I received a letter form the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services denying my appeal for Medicaid health insurance that was to tie me over until my Medicare started next year. This was not totally unexpected so no surprise.

When I arrived home I was informed by my landlord that I was being evicted and had to leave by December 31st. A total surprise!!! I have been living here for 3 years. The reason for my eviction was that someone told him I had a criminal record and he did not want me around.

Well I do have a criminal record. It has haunted me for 2 decades and no matter what I do it will remain an albatross around my neck until my life is done. Since my conviction I have lost just about everything I have ever had including my marriage, my children, my home, my business, most of my friends and even my church. Before today I did not think I could fall an farther but as usual I was wrong.

In 1992 I opened a private clinic, with my ex wife, for the practice of Physical and Occupational Therapy. We were good therapists and our clinic was doing very well.

In January of 1993 I was referred a female patient with back pain from a physician that referred many patients each week. I treated her for 2 weeks, she was improving according to her reports. Then one day she stopped coming. Not an uncommon occurrence as many patients stop therapy once they feel better.

A couple of weeks later I received a phone call from the local police station, which was located across the street from our clinic. This patient had accused me of attacking her during treatment. I was arrested and was forced to defend myself in court. Mind you this woman claims this attack happened while my wife was working in the clinic less than 20 feet from where I was treating this woman.

In the end I was convicted and sent to prison for a short time. The fact that I now had a felony on my record caused the state board to suspend my licence. I was no longer a Physical Therapist. The work of 5 years of school disappeared in a matter of minutes.

Soon after the trial I was sued by this woman in civil court. Amazingly I won that law suite and at least did not suffer a financial loss beyond the thousands of dollars spent on attorney fees.

We still had the clinic, I worked as the office manager, but as you can imagine referrals dropped off for a period and our expenses rose considerably since I had to hire therapists to do the work I use to do.

In time we gave up the struggle and sold the clinic to the local hospital. I went home to act as a house husband and my wife went to work for the hospital.

Two years later we were divorced, I was living on my social security and what I made working for McDonald's; a job I lost after 3 years.

So today I fall a little farther but this time I can not see the bottom. What I will lose this time is more than a home. It is my security. There is only a slim chance that I will find a place I can afford before December 31st. Thank God I have a car for shelter just in case it is needed.

But I will be losing something so precious to me that I am not sure I will recover this time. I have the most wonderful Second Life partner a man could have. She is everything I could want in any life. I plan on making my last month in Second Life the best month she has ever experienced. With the loss of my home I will also lose my computer access for an undetermined period of time. I think y'all get the picture.

Earlier this week I wrote a blog about accepting one's fate. I have done that and believe there are reasons for every thing that happens to us. This is just one more challenge.

My Blog will end at the end of December. Hopefully I will be able to continue it at a later date.


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